Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October here and gone...

Me and my hubby going into Lambeau Field!

Wow time sure flies! I can't believe October is almost over and November is right around the corner. Things have kept us busy the last few weeks. We have all been sick with the flu (influenza) and are now trying to stay healthy. The kids are getting ready for Halloween. We have been keeping up with our football team. Getting the basement project underway again (we finally had the egress window put in)....that is exciting! We went to another Packer game...we are just busy busy busy!

I woke the kids up the other day and while I was making breakfast I went into Sophia's room to find the two of them snuggled back in her bed reading was so cute!

Here are the kids getting ready for the Phantom football game!

Duke spelled his name on his easel...I just love how he did it backwards!

Duke and his classmates at their Halloween party! I love little kids in their costumes!

This was from a few months back...but I had to share! Duke at his first dentist appointment.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny Things!

So our week was a busy one. I did a lot of babysitting! We had five kids in our house a few times. I brought a lot of noise but we all survived! Which brings me to the story of Sophia and her cousin Reese. I bring Reese to school three times a week. Well normally she comes in takes her jacket off and plays, except last Monday. She kept her jacket on all morning. While I was helping Sophia pick out her cltohes Reese was playing with the barbies. Sophia picked out this green shirt that her grandma bought her, some jeans and I recommended a shirt to go underneath becasue it was so cold outside. After she was dressed I went to the kitchen to get breakfast done. The girls started giggling and came out....wearing the exact same outfit!! It was so funny.
Joe is a coach for our varsity football team. The kids love going to the games. It is such a big deal when the Phantoms play at home :) Well on Friday they didn't play at home and normally we don't get to see the game until it is on the news....until this night. Time Warner cable broadcasted the game from their website. So we pulled the website up on the computer, put the laptop on the floor and the kids watched the game. It was so funny!!!! They are huge Phantom fans :)
Well I am almost there!!! I am going back to school for Medical Transcription. I started this program last November. It has not been easy with three kids and Joe traveling so much for work. Well this weekend Joe took the three kids and the dog up north and gave me all of Saturday and most of Sunday to really dig into this medical terminology class. Well after twelve hours of studying and taking quizes I finally finished that class!!!! I now have one more left...medical transcription...and then I will be done with the program. I am going to push really hard to finish that class ASAP!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well here we are! These are some of the latest pictures of the kids that I had to share. Cameron has been into "working out" or doing pushups. It might have to do with being around the West DePere football team all the time! It is so funny to see my skinny ten year old "beef" up!!
Sophia had bring a friend to dance class last week and she chose to bring her friend Natalie Popp. The world is smaller than we realize..... Natalie's dad knows Joe from when Joe was about three years old. He apparently lived in Iron River a long time ago and they were friends. Natalie's dad moved down here a long time ago and now we live really close to them and our daughters are really good friends! It's a small world after all :)
Duke loves to play any sport possible. He lived outside all summer hitting balls over the fence to the neighbors house. So Joe finally put a piece of ply wood against our fence so he had farther to hit the ball and to stop him from hitting the balls over the fence. Well that worked for a few days! This is a video of him hitting and Papi fielding the ball. Those two did this all summer! Duke would hit and Papi would retrieve the ball and bring it back (well sometimes). It was fun to watch them...they are going to have to come up with something else now that summer is over.
Cameron working out!! This picture cracks me up :)

Sophia and her friend Natalie at "bring a friend to dance day"!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Count our Blessings!!

I just have to say I am thankful for my family! We have been blessed with three wonderful children and I am thankful for that every day. There was a horrible tragedy in Iron River this weekend and a family lost their 5 year old little boy. I feel so bad for this family and they have been in my thoughts ever since I heard of the accident. It just makes me realize when I think things are bad, they could be worse. I am counting my blessings today and will forever remember how lucky I am.

We had a good weekend. Joe put a lot of hours in at work last week and then had to drive to Iowa for some training class on Friday. So we laid low this weekend and just hung around. We did go to the Halloween store yesterday and the kids picked out their costumes. Cameron is going to wear a long chain and some funky glasses -- like a rapper (not sure I like this). Sophia is going to be pebbles the cat (she wanted to be a cat and we wanted her to dress up like pebbles so we compromised). Duke is going to be Bamm Bamm. I still have to figure out his costume but we found the cave man bat thing that will go with his costume. It should be cute and fun :) Today Joe went back to work and the kids are off to school. Me and Duke tried to go to the library this morning but I guess 8:40 am is too early, they don't open until 10:00!! Tonight is a big night of football....Packers vs. Vikings. Very exciting if you live in Green Bay!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Time to start blogging again

I guess life has been busy lately! A lot has gone on since May. We had a summer filled with baseball, softball, swimming, and just hanging out! The kids have all started school. Cameron is in fifth grade, Sophia is in kindergarten, and Duke is in preschool. Cameron is doing awesome! He was chosen for good citizen (which is an award the teacher hands out to two students each month)! I am very proud of him :) Sophia had a rough start to kindergarten. It took her three weeks to figure out that everyting was going to be okay. She is now loving it and making great friends! Duke is a little hesitant still but he is enjoying his class. He doesn't cry anymore, he just tells me he is going to miss me and wishes I could stay!

He are now done with baseball until March. Cameron just finished up fall baseball. Sophia just started dance again and she is happy as ever to be back at that. She also has an interest for gymnastics so we are going to give that a try next summer. Duke is just busy being a boy! He enjoys his time with me at home and playing with his brother and sister when they get home from school. It is quite an adjustment for him to be alone.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a busy, but fun weekend!

Well, we had a great but busy weekend. It all started on Friday night with Cam's first game in Door County at 6:30. They won that game and he played great! The next day consisted of games at 10 am, 4 pm, and 8 pm! The first game they won and Cam had a great game again. We then headed to Sturgeon Bay for lunch at Applebee's. I am sure we are still being talked about. We pile in with 8 families and a lot of kids. It was a zoo, but we all left fed and ready for the next game. Duke was riot...he never napped and ran all day. He was a tired boy!! Sophia ran as well, and she was exhausted by the end of the day. We left our house at 8:15 am and didn't get home until 10:30 pm Saturday was a looong day :-) but worth it!! The next game was at 4 pm and with another win we were ready to move on and play at 8 pm. Cameron did an amazing job catching this game. The score was 1 - 0, we were ahead. That point was scored by Ryan who hit a home run. After many scoreless innings, Cameron made an a really good play and threw a kid out at second base, which brought our team up to bat. We had runners on first and second and Bryce was up to bat. He smashed the ball so far, it was awesome. He hit a home run which brought in three runs and they won the game 4 - 0, which gave them first place in the whole tourney ;-) We hung out with some wonderful friends on Saturday night and Sunday which was a great time!! Our refrigerator is having some major issues that we are trying to figure out and it isn't a fun thing to deal with. So now we are deciding what to do about that. And then on Sunday Cameron had a scrimmage against Ashwaubenon and took a smash to the face when he was involved in a pickle with his other teammate. He looks pretty rough today, but he is so tough and I am so proud of him :-) Well that is it for now!

Duke playing at the game in his uniform!
Sophia watching her brother

Cameron enjoying his candy bar before the final game!

This is his face right after he was hit.

This is his face last night after we got home. Today it looks even worse!

This was the sign that was nailed to the field the boys were playing on! It cracked me up enough I had to take a picture with the boys in the background playing!

Cameron, Sophia, and Duke after the final game on Saturday night!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Party on....

Well here I am with some updated pictures! Sophia graduated preschool! She was so cute. I was sad to see this chapter of life end. She had the most amazing teachers! I can't believe my little girl will be in kindergarten next year, every day all day :-( She also had her birthday party at Snips and Giggles, what a day for her. It was right up her alley! She loves sparkles and glam and all that girly stuff so this party was perfect! Cameron has been very busy with baseball. Between his baseball games and helping with the JV baseball team he is living, eating, and breathing baseball -- which is an awesome opportunity!! Duke has been very, very, very, very, very, energetic lately. He ran all day yesterday outside. He is such a boy!! We had a great time with family this weekend for the Cellcom half marathon which was awesome. They all did a fantastic job, and we are very proud of them.

Sophia, grandma, grandpa, and grandma Sally at her graduation

Mrs. Mary Jane, Sophia, and Mrs. Barb

Sophia and her class on their last field trip to the Dairy Farm -- she loved this field trip

Sophia was a pretend cow during on the of presentations. Here she is ready to be milked :-)

Cameron the batboy for the JV baseball team. They are having a team meeting after the game.

Cameron was coming back from the bathroom at the JV baseball game so I managed to snap a shot of him and Duke

Sophia getting her nails done at her party!

The girls dancing on stage at Snips and Giggles!